Friday, November 4, 2016

Telling Stories (Part 2 of 10)

"I want to hug readers with my words." That's how my website begins. For some, that statement might sound too subjective.

Think of the act as putting our arms around a friend in a corner of a noisy room, lowering our voice, and speaking directly to that person. Some writers describe that as writing to a specific type of person.

As we write honestly, and with our own voice, we can hug our readers. Not everyone writes warm, loving words. We can write objectively—if that's who we are—as long as we write to draw in our readers (or hug them) with our words.

But regardless of our style, we can embrace our readers. Here's the way I started my monthly newsletter shortly after my wife died: "I can think of nothing more difficult than giving someone permission to die. You may have to do that."

The response told me that my words hugged many readers. And I wasn't trying for sympathy or pity, only to help them when they faced a similar situation.

By reaching out to their needs, I hugged them.

If I write to touch lives,
I embrace my readers.

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