Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Why This Blog?

When I first began selling books in the early 1980s, I promised God that I would do whatever I could to help new writers. I had once been where they were. Even though I knew several professional writers, none of them responded to my questions or pleas for help.

I’m a self-starter and worked diligently to do anything I could to improve my writing. As I published more widely, tyros frequently contacted me, asking for help. I can honestly say that I did what I could.

Many of you emailed and expressed your appreciation—and I’ve enjoyed receiving your feedback.

Things have now changed for me. For more than two years, I’ve been trying to retire.

Then I realized it had to be done in incremental steps, stopping one thing and then another. In May of 2017, I quit speaking at writers conferences, which was a big step. Since early 2018, I no longer accept new writing projects.

Closing this blog is my next step. I’ll try to be available to answer questions about writing. Contact me at c.murphey@comcast.net.

I also write a monthly newsletter, and, as a means of staying in touch, I’ve added your names to that list. (You can easily unsubscribe.) I have no idea how long I’ll continue to write the newsletter. I see that as my final step before full retirement.

Thank you for supporting this ministry.


  1. Thank you for being generous. You have helped me.

  2. Thank you, Cec, for the way you have generously poured into the writing community. I’ve learned so much from you and am most grateful. May God richly bless this next season of your life.

  3. I am like the many thousands of writers who read your blog, learn from it, but don't take time to write a comment. So, on behalf of the rest of the readers of your blog, who like me, don't write in. Thank you for sharing your vast storehouse of knowledge, insight and experience. God bless you in your retirement!
    Samantha Landy

  4. Cecil, you were such an encouragement to me at my 1st writers conference in Orlando in 1996 and I have paid it forward to encourage hundreds of Christian writers thanks to the wisdom and instruction you invested in me decades ago. I thank God for you and the tremendous impact you have played in the Christian market as a gifted instructor and prolific writer. Thank you for your humble heart and unprecedented genorosity to helping inspire writers. You are an amazing man of God and friend. May God bless you and keep you and brightly shine on your life ALL of your days. YOU ARE LIKE THE YODA OF Christian writers and my writing ministry was so enriched with you!

  5. Hello Cecil:
    How can I avoid being overly critical of my writing and complete the writing piece? Also, what is the remedy for writer's block?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and answer my questions.

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